Sunday, November 25, 2007

another gathering + the rest of Thanksgiving break

Just because we already had an awesome party doesn't mean the rest of the break wasn't fun. Case in point, my aunt Cynthia invited us over again last night. That was quite nice, especially considering that the Shiehs had to leave early on Thanksgiving.

Cynthia treated us to a hot pot dinner, after which Mom and I watched Ratatouille together. While I'm not the biggest fan of animated films, Ratatouille was pretty enjoyable. I also met Cathy's friend Jocelyn later in the evening, although the girls were kind of busy and I didn't want to bug them too much.

In any case, I should probably get back to studying now that the long weekend is over. After all, the finals are coming up soon!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

an awesome Thanksgiving party

Thanksgiving was pretty great. Or at least it should have been, considering that my family just had a big party tonight. :-)

Our guests were the Shieh, Liu and Tsao families. This was my first time meeting Jerry and his sister Vivien. I had much in common with Jerry and Tony as we go to the same school. Go Bears!

All of the food was delicious, especially the turkey and stuffing. I also put on some music; the bluegrass album we bought on our trip to Colorado was a perfect fit and livened up the atmosphere. On the whole, everyone had an awesome time.

That said, this party was a bit shorter than our other ones. Aunt Cynthia and my cousins had other errands and were the first to go. The other families also left early to look for Black Friday deals. However, that doesn't mean we didn't have fun. I imagine New Year's Eve will be just as exciting.

On gratitude

Of course, Thanksgiving is all about being grateful. For starters, I'm blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Another thing I'm thankful for is the 35+ mW green laser I won in August. Last but not least, my gratitude goes to the Tip.It community for having my back when my main RuneScape account got banned last month. You guys rock!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

80 crafting and 1,800 skill total + 70 smithing in RuneScape

I've been doing pretty well in RuneScape since getting unbanned. Case in point, I just got level 80 crafting and 1,800 skill total at the same time. Click here for the screenshot. Feel free to contact me in-game if you need any dragonstone amulets made. :-)

November 21 update: I just hit level 70 smithing as well. See the screenshot here. This means I can now make adamant bars without boosts. W00t!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veterans Day weekend report

I hope everyone had a great Veterans Day long weekend.

Saturday was pretty fun as we went to my aunt Cynthia's house for her 49th birthday. The best part was watching Transformers with my cousin Cathy after dinner. I had been looking forward to seeing this movie and finally got the chance. It was pretty hilarious despite the clichés.

The rest of the break was uneventful as I've been extremely busy with my IEOR 160 project. On the other hand, Thanksgiving is just a little over a week from now. :-)

In other news...

I got level 83 hunter in RuneScape this afternoon. Dragon implings better start watching out!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

RuneScape account unbanned!

Good news: my RuneScape account has been unbanned. Someone at Jagex must have reviewed my case again because I never submitted my final appeal. The bad news is that I now have 10/10 black marks, not to mention that Jagex has removed my player moderator status.

Of course, I shouldn't have been banned in the first place. I'm going to see if Jagex will reinstate my player moderator status and seven days of membership, although I won't hold my breath. However, that's a relatively minor issue as getting my account back is the most important thing.

November 7 update: The black marks have been removed. W00t!

November 8 update: Jagex said they won't return my lost membership. Given that the ban was in error, this is completely unreasonable.

November 10 update: I'm getting mixed answers from Jagex with regards to regaining my player moderator status. One J-mod told me I had to earn their trust again, but another said it was "very unlikely" to happen. That doesn't sound too promising. On the bright side, at least n00bs won't mistake me for Jagex staff anymore. ^_^

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

update on RuneScape ban

So my main RuneScape account was recently banned for allegedly hacking another player. I did some investigation of my own and have an idea of what happened.

Several days ago, my suitemates invited some friends over to play video games. I noticed one of them had RuneScape on his laptop. After I mentioned that I played RuneScape too, the two of us went to my room to show each other our characters. He then insisted on a duel; though PvP isn't my cup of tea, I begrudgingly agreed and ended up winning about a million GP worth of items.

In a surprising turn of events, the guy came over again last night. When I told him my RuneScape account was banned, he admitted that the character he showed me belonged to someone else. I was too shocked to ask any questions, but that explains everything. In any case, I can see why Jagex thinks I'm the culprit, especially considering that the guy briefly logged into the account on my computer.

Speaking of which, my appeal was denied. Big surprise. While there is a final appeal available, I want to think it over before submitting it. In the meantime, I've posted more details in this thread at the Tip.It forums. Please go there for the latest information.

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