Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese New Year party report

"The party van is here!" -- me, as the Tsais arrived

Saturday was relatively uneventful as I was busy studying 3D computer graphics. However, today was much more exciting as my parents and I went to Carmel for a Chinese New Year celebration. You may remember that our family friend Joseph organized a class reunion at the home of the Taos last year. Well, they graciously hosted it at their place again!

Joseph's daughter Claire was caught up with schoolwork and unfortunately couldn't come. On the other hand, the Taos' children Yuan and Fang had several of their friends over, meaning there were lots of kids in addition to Mom's classmates. All of the families brought food as this was a potluck lunch; the table had so much good stuff that I couldn't try everything!

I felt a little out of place at first as I was pretty much the only twenty-something present. Though the other millennials were of high school age or younger, I managed to find common ground with Yuan, Fang and their friends. Several of us played Sorry! after lunch; I was able to get up to speed with the rules despite not having touched that game in over 10 years. Alas, just when our game was at its most exciting point, the party came to an end as many people had to leave. The parents ruin all the fun. ^_^

Super Bowl XLVIII came on in the afternoon, hence everyone leaving so fast. As fun as it would have been to watch the game at the Taos' house, this wasn't practical as they lived quite far away. I reckon most of the guests didn't want to overstay their welcome anyway as the gathering was only supposed to last until 2:30 p.m. per the invitation. While this year's reunion was shorter, I felt it was even more exciting.

Some of us considered taking a stroll around the neighborhood afterwards as we did last year, but this wasn't really an option either due to the heavy rain. That left lots of free time, during which my family stopped at three antique stores on our return trip. Mom found some nice china at each of the stores. This certainly brought back memories of our recent trip to Reno.

Dad and I decided to watch the rest of the Super Bowl after getting home. I rooted for the Denver Broncos as the San Francisco 49ers had lost the NFC Championship Game. As the saying goes, the enemy of one's enemy is one's friend. The Broncos were sadly no match against the Seattle Seahawks either; the final score ended up being 43-8 in favor of Seattle. Oh well, there's always Super Bowl XLIX to look forward to.

Today was overall pretty fun, albeit slightly exhausting. I've posted pictures from the get-together at Flickr.

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