Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese New Year party report

"The party van is here!" -- me, on Joseph's arrival

Saturday was uneventful as I was busy studying computer graphics. However, today was nice as we went to Carmel for a Chinese New Year celebration. You may recall that our family friend Joseph organized a class reunion at Chiuyen's house last year. That was so much fun that they decided to do it again!

The Taos also took the opportunity to invite their neighbors and colleagues. Everyone brought lots of food for the potluck lunch. The meatballs and the deviled eggs were my favorites. There were so many dishes that I didn't get to try all of them.

Joseph's daughter Claire was caught up with schoolwork and couldn't come. On the other hand, Yuan and Fang had several friends over. I was the only twenty-something and felt a little out of place, but we still found some common ground.

The kids and I played Sorry! after lunch. I hadn't touched that game in over 10 years but was able to quickly get up to speed with the rules. Let's just say things got very heated. However, the game wasn't even over when most people had to go home. The parents ruin all the fun. ^_^

Super Bowl XLVIII started shortly afterwards. That probably explains why everyone was in such a hurry to leave. Though it would have been fun to watch the game at Chiuyen's house, the Taos weren't really into sports. I reckon most families didn't want to overstay their welcome anyway as the gathering was supposed to end at 2:30 p.m. On the whole, this reunion was even better than the 2013 one. Feel free to check out the pictures.

Some of us considered taking a stroll around the neighborhood afterwards as we did last year, but this wasn't an option either due to the heavy rain. That left some free time, during which my family stopped at three antique stores on our way home. Mom found some nice china at each of the stores. This brought back memories of our recent trip to Reno.

Dad and I then watched the rest of the Super Bowl. I rooted for the Denver Broncos because the San Francisco 49ers had lost the NFC Championship Game. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. However, the Broncos were no match against the Seattle Seahawks either. The final score ended up being 43-8 in favor of Seattle. Blah.

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