Sunday, November 29, 2015

another awesome Thanksgiving break

"I don't want to eat too much at once. That would be... irrational." -- me, on pumpkin pie

I hope everyone a great long weekend. At least my family did, considering that the Changs invited us to their annual Thanksgiving party again!


It was a busy day as there were many things that needed to be done. I listened to online lectures and helped Dad unclog the drains while Mom prepared food. The three of us then headed to Henry's house.

The party was pretty fun. Sophie and the girls made several dishes while the Tings brought a turkey and five other items, including desserts. Ruth's boyfriend Steven brought some whiskey as well as cheese, crackers and chocolates. There was so much food that I was quickly full.

Everyone had such a great time that we didn't leave until 1:15 a.m. The only reason we didn't stay longer is that Henry had to teach an 8 a.m. class. I definitely hope the Changs will invite us again next year. In the meantime, feel free to check out my pictures from the party on Flickr.

Of course, Thanksgiving is about gratitude. You may recall that we visited New Zealand this summer. I'm thankful to my aunts Jill and Yu-Hua for paying for the trip, especially considering the costs. One thing for sure is that the memories will last a lifetime.

Friday and Saturday

The next two days were uneventful. Because the stores are often crowded this time of the year, my family decided to stay home. On the other hand, this was the perfect opportunity to finish my assignments for an online class. It was certainly nice to get them out of the way before the holidays.


Our neighbor Bob is generously allowing us to pick persimmons from their tree. This took me and Dad the whole morning as the fruits are plentiful. Mom is planning to use them to make dried persimmons. :-)

The three of us walked to BevMo! and Cost Plus World Market in the afternoon to look at wines. This was our first time visiting BevMo! in a while. I couldn't believe how expensive some of the items were.

We also watched the 2013 remake of Oldboy after dinner for Henry's film club. Though they picked the original 2003 film, Mom suggested watching both to better understand the story. To tell you the truth, some scenes were pretty gross. I'm going to need some eye bleach. On the whole, the break wasn't too bad.

Currently watching: Oldboy (2013)