Monday, December 10, 2018

an exciting new career at Intel

I'm thrilled to say that I started my new job today at Intel. It's definitely great to be back in action after being laid off in October. For those curious, I'll be doing quality assurance for the Intel Sports team.

The morning consisted of the new employee orientation. The speaker went over Intel's history and benefits before an IT guy showed us how to set up our work computers. Our badges were then delivered to us. Breakfast and lunch were both served during the orientation!

After everything was said and done, someone led us to the building with my actual office. I met up with my boss before spending the afternoon setting up accounts and completing the online training required for new employees. It's easy to get lost here as the building is huge, but I'm sure I'll know my way around soon enough. It's actually a nice place to work as the building contains cafeterias and lounges with TVs and games. I'm definitely loving my new job so far.

Of note is that Dad used to work at Intel many years ago. I'm sure he can give me advice about the company's culture. Like father, like son.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

another awesome holiday party

Today was the annual book club holiday potluck and book exchange. I had been looking forward to it for a while. It was certainly lots of fun!

The event was supposed to be at Elizabeth's house like last year. But because she was going to be out of town this time, the party was moved to Dane's new house in San Jose.

Everyone brought lots of food as this was a potluck dinner. Everything was delicious, especially the IKEA meatballs. After we got desserts and drinks, it was time to do the white elephant gift exchange. It got pretty heated near the and as people kept stealing each other's books. That was hilarious!

We then played a round of Left Center Right afterwards. This was my first time playing this game, and it was pretty fun even though I didn't win. Although I left shortly afterwards because I'm starting my new job tomorrow and wanted time to prepare, this party was definitely one of the best ever. I certainly wish I could have stayed longer. At any rate, I'd like to thank Dane and Che for hosting this event and opening up their home.

In other news...

I mentioned earlier that I'm starting my new job tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but extremely excited at the same time!

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