Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day long weekend report

The Labor Day long weekend overall wasn't too eventful. It actually had a good start as my family went to check out a rummage sale at a local church on Saturday morning. The three of us then had a nice lunch at Masa Ramen and Sake Bar in San Jose before visiting two local antique shops.

The rest of the break kind of sucked as I was busy trying to fix my Alienware X51 desktop. The PC recently started having a bunch of problems, such as random freezes, getting stuck at the "Welcome" screen and administrative tools being non-responsive. A re-installation of Windows resolved most of the issues, but Windows would still get stuck at the "Welcome" screen. I tried several diagnostic programs, most of which found no issues. It looks like I'm going to have to take the PC to a repair shop. :\

Speaking of computer problems, our iPad 2 (which is mostly used by Mom nowadays) suddenly went into recovery mode for no reason on Sunday evening. I have no idea whether it due to a bug or a hardware issue. Even iTunes was not able to recover the device. We were considering calling the Apple Store when I managed to resolve the problem using a third-party tool. I hate technology sometimes. :-)