Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day weekend report + the rest of summer

I had an amazing Labor Day weekend despite working overtime. Because our project is at a critical stage, I went in on Saturday at the request of my boss. Though the job can be demanding, that's hardly anything to complain about, especially considering that the company ordered lunch and dinner for our troubles. :-)

Later in the evening, my family hosted a welcome dinner for our new neighbors, the Wilsons. Their wife Jenny and daughter Julia also enjoy cooking and brought food to share. I've posted a few pictures of their dishes. Looks like Mom has competition!

One of Dad's friends invited my parents to a corporate function on Sunday evening. I stayed home as the event wasn't really suitable for me. On the other hand, this was the perfect opportunity to watch Star Trek Into Darkness on Amazon Instant Video. One thing I don't understand is why everyone says it's the worst Star Trek movie ever. At least I thought it was all right. Speaking of which, I also saw several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series online. The show has a certain charm despite its age.

Having had a busy weekend, I didn't do much today other than listen to online lectures and watch Star Wars: Clone Wars on YouTube. These breaks are never long enough. ^_^

Summer in review

On the whole, my summer was great. First was a celebration dinner for Casey for getting into Yale. Several weeks later, Mom hosted a farewell lunch for the Lius before they moved back to China. There was also the annual Lab126 family picnic last month. Last but not least, our family friend Joseph organized a class reunion at Roger's house in Fremont. That was definitely a major highlight. I've posted some pictures from the gathering.

Another thing I really enjoyed was boating on Shoreline Lake. This was something we hadn't done in years. Other than that, my family visited Half Moon Bay and went out to eat a few times. Feel free to check out my other summer pictures.

The not-so-fun part is that I started getting abdominal pains about two months ago. The good news is that the doctor said it's nothing serious. On the downside, I'm not looking forward to the bills. They're probably going to be expensive. :\

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