Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my family just keeps getting bigger and bigger...

I'm thrilled to announce that my cousin Anne just delivered her first child. For those curious, the little girl's name is Valerie. :-)

There is nothing more joyous than bringing a new life into the world. Though I couldn't congratulate Anne in person, I'm still extremely happy for her. I really hope to catch up with her soon as our last time seeing each other was almost 16 years ago. It's been way too long already!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day weekend report

Given the high temperatures, I didn't do much on Saturday other than help Dad with yard work and go shopping at Costco with my parents. On the other hand, my family went hiking near Woodside today as the weather had cooled down. This was quite refreshing as we hadn't been there in at least two years.

The plan was to eat at the nearby Alice's Restaurant afterwards. However, the place was so crowded that finding a seat was almost impossible. We decided it wasn't worth the wait and went to Half Moon Bay instead. I took the opportunity to treat my parents to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. :-)

The three of us then checked out the stores in the downtown. Dad had also planned to take us to Pillar Point Harbor for a stroll, but we headed home as Mom was getting tired. On the whole, the day trip was lots of fun.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

level 2,500 in Mafia Wars

I just passed level 2,500 in Mafia Wars after playing for around three years.

Although I'm not that much into Facebook games, I figured this was worth posting. A nice thing about Mafia Wars and most other social games is that you don't need to grind all day to reach a high level. Compared to RuneScape and similar MMORPGs, Mafia Wars is definitely less time-consuming.

At any rate, feel free to add me on Facebook if you're looking for mafia members or just want to chat. xD

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