Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chinese New Year long weekend report

The long weekend was really awesome as my parents and I went to a party at our family friend Grace's house. The rest of the weekend was rather busy as I had some assignments for online classes, but I'm definitely ain't complaining!


The morning was fairly uneventful as I was busy working on assignments for an online machine learning class. However, the fun part was that we went to Grace's house in the evening to celebrate her "70th" birthday. Grace is technically 69 year old, but it's a tradition among Chinese people to add one year to a person's real age. There were lots of people, and it was really fun. We would definitely have stayed longer if her house wasn't so far from ours.


The morning was again somewhat busy as I had still had a few assignments left. The good news is that I managed to finish them shortly afternoon, so we had the entire afternoon free.

Speaking of which, Dad and I watched Super Bowl 50 in the afternoon. It was definitely great to the Broncos win the Super Bowl, especially given what happened two years ago. :-)


Although Lunar New Year isn't one of our work holidays, I was able to take the day off thanks to comp time. I didn't do much today besides listen to some online lectures, but an extra day off is certainly nice. :D