Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking for a legitimate rewards program? Check out QuickRewards.

I've written a review for an awesome rewards program called QuickRewards. I highly recommend this website.

A online rewards program that's legit? You bet!

Two years ago, I was looking for a way to pay for my RuneScape membership when I turned to online rewards programs. These are websites that pay users to watch videos, take surveys and sign up for services. However, making money this way is easier said than done. Out of the programs I've tried, many had high minimum payouts or didn't support PayPal. Others turned out to be scams. I never received a single dime from any of them. But all that changed when I discovered QuickRewards.

There's a good reason not to judge a book by its cover. Though its website may appear dated, QuickRewards features deals and freebies from many partners. The best part is that it supports PayPal and has no minimum payout. I was skeptical at first but actually got paid!

In addition to cash, users can also redeem their credits for gift cards and merchandise. QuickRewards has an excellent customer support team; I've always gotten prompt responses to my questions. The only downside is that only U.S. and Canadian residents are currently allowed to sign up. It's possible to get around this restriction with a fake address on PayPal, but do so at your own risk.

While QuickRewards itself doesn't send out spam, you can still get lots of bulk e-mail from third parties. I recommend using your real e-mail address when creating a QuickRewards account and a temporary one for everything else. A list of disposable e-mail services is available here.

On the whole, I think QuickRewards is the best online rewards program available. If you ever need to make a quick buck on the Internet, QuickRewards should be your first choice.

Final verdict: 92%
Highs: Legitimate; no minimum payout; numerous offers; lots of rewards
Lows: Restricted to U.S. and Canadian residents; dated UI; possible to get lots of spam
Bottom line: QuickRewards is certainly an exception to the "too good to be true" rule. You won't regret signing up.

Full disclosure: This is my entry for a blogging contest held by QuickRewards.