Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving break report

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving break is already over. I'm not going to lie - these holidays are never long enough. That said, the past four days were rather eventful.


The break had a rough beginning. The plan was to have dinner with the Shieh family as they had recently invited us. However, they were so busy preparing for their move to SoCal that they completely forgot about our get-together. Oh dear!

Mom wanted to confirm with the Shiehs but couldn't reach them. The call didn't get through until past dinner time. As a result, Thanksgiving was effectively ruined. I suggested looking for restaurants with Thanksgiving specials, but my mother was no longer in the mood to eat out. :-(

Dad actually still took me to visit the Shiehs afterwards, albeit for a completely different reason: one of his laptops had a dead hard drive that Uncle Dong had offered to help replace. He didn't lose too much data as the last backup was made two weeks ago, but having to install Windows and everything else again was a pain in the ass. Though it was nice to hang out with my cousins and Connie's friend Luc in the meantime, things were a little awkward given what happened.

Wanting to make our Thanksgiving more exciting, Mom proposed checking out some Black Friday sales that were starting at midnight. The three of us went to Macy's and Kohl's but ultimately didn't buy anything due to the insanely long lines. It was almost 2 a.m. when we got home!

This year, I'm extremely grateful for the $100 gift cards to Sino and Straits that I got from my boss at Cisco. I certainly wouldn't have been able to treat my parents to lunch at Santana Row multiple times otherwise. Thanks, Bing!


The highlight of the day was our family friend Fennah's reading club meeting. Seeing that the first few hours were for members to discuss their latest read, I decided to use this time to finish my homework for an online networking class. However, because my ThinkPad T42 wouldn't connect to the Wi-Fi due to its wireless adapter being too old, I ended up playing some games instead.

The discussion was followed by a potluck dinner. Everyone brought so much food that we were absolutely full when it was time to leave. The gathering was enjoyable even though I was the only young person there. You can view the pictures at Flickr.

Right after getting home, my father ordered an iPad 2 using the $100 Black Friday discount on the Apple website. I can't wait until it arrives!


All of us wanted to relax after two busy days. Saturday was mostly uneventful aside from a hike in Rancho San Antonio County Park in the afternoon. The three of us started out later than usual; as the sun sets early at this time of the year, the sky was completely dark when we got back to the parking lot. This was a surreal experience.


Dad wanted to set up an external hard drive for backing up all of our computers. This took up the entire morning, so we didn't get to do much else besides go for a stroll in the neighborhood after dinner. On the bright side, our new backup system should make future hard drive crashes slightly less annoying.

The break was overall amazing despite what happened on Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to Christmas for sure.

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