Sunday, May 25, 2014

level 99 woodcutting in RuneScape

I'm happy to say that I finally reached 99 woodcutting in RuneScape after being semi-retired for several years. Click here for the screenshot!

This was my first major achievement in ages I haven't played the game much since 2009 due to real life. It was especially challenging as I got most of the experience in the free version. Training options in F2P are limited, not to mention I had to compete with those annoying bots. Level 99 stats may not be such a big deal anymore, but I'm proud to say this was 100% legit. :-)

As for my next goal, I'm thinking about going for 99 runecrafting. Wish me luck!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

post-Mother's Day weekend report

The Mother's Day weekend wasn't too interesting. I was extremely busy familiarizing myself with Android Studio as the Fire TV team at Lab126 is migrating from Eclipse. Mom felt my job duties were more important than going out to eat and suggested staying home instead.

On the other hand, this past Saturday was pretty fun as we had some people over for lunch. Considering that I didn't get to treat my parents to a Mother's Day meal, I did my best to help Mom prepare the food. She had already done most of the cooking while I was at work the day before and so didn't need much help, but I guess it's the thought that counts. :-)

Our guests were the Tangs, Lius and our family friend Lily. You can view my pictures from the gathering here. It was somewhat hard to join the conversation as everyone else was much older than me - like at least twice my age. However, the nice thing is that Eileen gave me a box of Pralibel Belgian Chocolates. While I haven't tried them yet, they look damn good. Thanks, Eileen!

Sunday was relatively uneventful as the weather was fairly hot, although we did go for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. I also got to play a bit of RuneScape in my free time. Speaking of which, I'm really close to 99 woodcutting. W00t!

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