Wednesday, December 26, 2007

new deviantART account

Hey everyone, I just got a deviantART account. You can check it out here. There isn't much on it at the moment, but I'll add some more stuff soon. Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

back from Oregon

Christmas break has been great so far as my parents and I just got back from Oregon. Though our itinerary was simple due to time constraints, all of us enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest.

Day 1

The first leg of the trip was a 400-mile drive to Medford. The traffic was fairly light, but a problem with the snow tires caused some delays. It was already dark when we arrived at the hotel. Aside from watching The Incredibles on TV after dinner, the evening was uneventful as we were all tired.

Day 2

I saw Poseidon and X-Men: The Last Stand on HBO in the morning. While Poseidon was kind of lame, The Last Stand was awesome. The free cable TV is one of the best things about traveling, especially when there is little else to do.

The three of us went to KFC for lunch. The nice thing is that we received a free chocolate cake as part of a promotion. There was a family of four next to us, and my mother noticed that they were all wearing old clothes. We figured they were struggling financially and gave them our cake at Mom's suggestion. As you could imagine, that totally made their day. Sometimes happiness isn't about having fun, but bringing joy to others. :-)

Our journey brought us to Grants Pass in the afternoon. I enjoyed browsing the shops even though the prices were absolutely insane. One store had all sorts of fake food as well as real samples. It was hard to tell which were real without touching them. Further down the street was another store with a cat sitting in the window. Having seen all those fake items, I couldn't tell if the cat was real until it turned its head. That was a funny moment. On the whole, Grants Pass was my favorite part of the trip.

We headed back to Medford after a good laugh. There was some free time, during which we went to WinCo Foods for groceries. Back at the hotel, I watched Black Dog and Blood Diamond before going to bed.

Day 3

Time was tight as we had to drive another 400 miles home. Dad made a stop at the Shasta Outlets in Anderson so Mom could visit the Mikasa store there. However, she decided not to stay after finding out the store had permanently closed. This allowed us to get home a little earlier than expected, although I wish the trip didn't end so soon. ^_^


The trip was lots of fun even though we though we didn't visit many places. The Pacific Northwest is quite beautiful; the scenery alone made the trip worthwhile. I've posted a few pictures from our vacation here.

December 24 update: The pictures are now online. Go check them out!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

my favorite time of the year

I finished my last final two days ago and am now home for the holidays. This is definitely my favorite time of the year!

As for our plans, my parents and I are leaving for Oregon tomorrow morning. The other thing is that we have a big party planned for New Year's Eve. Speaking of parties, the Liang family has invited us to their house on the 5th. The next two weeks should be exciting. :-)

In other news...

Today marks the 11th anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing. He was one of the greatest minds of our time; the world just isn't the same without him. As a huge Cosmos fan, I had hoped to meet Carl Sagan when I was a kid. I guess some dreams don't come true. :-(

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Friday, December 7, 2007

just another crappy dance...

The Frickin' Awesome Final Dance last night was anything but. While our events are usually great, this one was quite the opposite. It was supposed to begin at 9 p.m. and last until midnight, someone had forgotten about the quiet hours policy that begins at 11 p.m. during the last few weeks of the semester. When the mistake was discovered, the dance came to an abrupt end. Oops!

As you could imagine, most people weren't too pleased. Having a dance right before the finals probably wasn't such a bright idea after all. Be sure to read my review of the event; I'm sure you'll get some good laughs. :-)