Saturday, October 10, 2015

my thirty years on their shoulders

I just turned 30 years old. It's hard to believe I've spent three decades on Earth. Where did all that time go?

Of note is that we didn't have a fancy celebration this year. Instead, I had a quiet dinner with my parents at a small Japanese restaurant called Joy Sushi. Though the food was pretty average, there are few things better than sharing a meal with two of the most wonderful people in my life.

I also received some birthday rewards: a cinnamon roll from Le Boulanger, some Baskin-Robbins ice cream and an item from Starbucks - my choice being a sandwich as it was the best deal. The nice thing is that all three stores were within walking distance. Freebies aren't quite the same as presents from friends, but I can't complain.

In other news...

1. Amazon just announced the second-generation Fire TV earlier this month. To celebrate the launch, Lab126 had an event at Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos. It was definitely lots of fun. Click here the pictures.

2. Dad recently got some dash cameras for our family cars. These cameras are useful for investigations in the event of an accident or other incidents. They'll also allow us to record road trips. :-)

3. Congratulations to my LAHS classmate Derek on getting married!

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