Monday, December 10, 2018

an exciting new career at Intel

I'm thrilled to say that I started my new job today at Intel. It's definitely great to be back in action after being laid off in October. For those curious, I'll be doing quality assurance for the Intel Sports team.

The morning consisted of the new employee orientation. The speaker went over Intel's history and benefits before an IT guy showed us how to set up our work computers. Our badges were then delivered to us. Breakfast and lunch were both served during the orientation!

After everything was said and done, someone led us to the building with my actual office. I met up with my boss before spending the afternoon setting up accounts and completing the online training required for new employees. It's easy to get lost here as the building is huge, but I'm sure I'll know my way around soon enough. It's actually a nice place to work as the building contains cafeterias and lounges with TVs and games. I'm definitely loving my new job so far.

Of note is that Dad used to work at Intel many years ago. I'm sure he can give me advice about the company's culture. Like father, like son.

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