Saturday, November 3, 2007

update on RuneScape ban

So my main RuneScape account was recently banned for allegedly hacking another player. I did some investigation of my own and have an idea of what happened.

Several days ago, my suitemates invited some friends over to play video games. I noticed one of them had RuneScape on his laptop. After I mentioned that I played RuneScape too, the two of us went to my room to show each other our characters. He then insisted on a duel; though PvP isn't my cup of tea, I begrudgingly agreed and ended up winning about a million GP worth of items.

In a surprising turn of events, the guy came over again last night. When I told him my RuneScape account was banned, he admitted that the character he showed me belonged to someone else. I was too shocked to ask any questions, but that explains everything. In any case, I can see why Jagex thinks I'm the culprit, especially considering that the guy briefly logged into the account on my computer.

Speaking of which, my appeal was denied. Big surprise. While there is a final appeal available, I want to think it over before submitting it. In the meantime, I've posted more details in this thread at the Tip.It forums. Please go there for the latest information.

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