Wednesday, January 8, 2014

new 405 nm laser!

The 405 nm laser pointer I ordered on eBay last month finally arrived in the mail after almost three weeks. It was well worth the wait!

These lasers are normally sold as 5 mW to comply with eBay policies. From what I've heard, they tend to be much more powerful than advertised, often reaching up to 100 mW or more. That said, mine probably isn't that strong as it doesn't burn anything or even sting my skin. Judging by the brightness, I'd say the output is around 15 to 20 mW. The dot is somewhat dimmer than that of my 5 mW green laser pointer, but this isn't unexpected as violet is at the very edge of the visible spectrum.

The coolest thing about 405 nm lasers is that their wavelength causes many objects to fluoresce. They would certainly make for some very interesting photos. In any case, I'll try to have a review up soon. Stay tuned!

Update: The review is online. Check it out here.

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