Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

So 2013 has come and gone. Time goes by so fast these days...

The nice thing is that we had our first New Year's Eve gathering in six years. It wasn't a huge party as we only invited the Wilsons next door and Dad's colleagues Po-Kang and Paul. On the other hand, both my mother and the Wilsons made lots of good food. You can go here to see what we ate.

The Wilsons didn't want to leave their daughters home alone for too long and left just after the Times Square ball drop. The girls were with their friends and so didn't come. Paul followed shortly afterwards as he also had a wife and child at home. Po-Kang left with Paul as they shared a ride.

It's too bad the party ended so soon. Though there was more than enough time to check out the New Year's Eve events in downtown Mountain View and elsewhere, my parents weren't too keen on the idea because Mom was a little tired. Oh well, I probably shouldn't complain.

2013 in review

On the whole, 2013 was one of the better years. One major highlight was our recent trip to Reno. That was quite enjoyable, especially considering that we don't travel much nowadays. The least fun part of 2013 was when I had pelvic pain for several months. While the pain was bearable, the doctor visits racked up almost $600 in medical bills. >:(

Looking forward, I'm really excited for the future. On the subject of which, my New Year's resolutions are to take ownership of my work and make more real-life friends. Challenge accepted!

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