Thursday, January 2, 2014

an exciting January...

I'm back in the office as Christmas break has ended. I've got to admit - it's so hard to go back to work right after the New Year, especially on the 2nd.

The good news is that there are only two days until it's the weekend again. However, I'm more excited about what's coming later this month. For starters, Lab126 is having its annual post-holiday celebration on the 18th. The week after that, my aunt Jill and two of her students will be visiting from China and staying with us for a few days. This will be our first time seeing Jill in six and a half years!

I also recently ordered a 405 nm laser pointer. Violet lasers have greatly dropped in price since their inception. Shipping from Hong Kong can take up to two weeks or more, but the laser should show up very soon. So yeah, January is super exciting. :-)

Currently watching: Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Coming of Age"

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