Sunday, October 13, 2013

post-birthday weekend report

The weekend wasn't too bad either. Case in point, my parents invited the Tangs and the Chens over for lunch yesterday. Because the generation gap made it hard to follow the conversation, I mostly played RuneScape while the older folks talked.

Winnie's son Michael stopped by after lunch. He had recently graduated from Harvard with a bachelor's degree in computer science; no doubt we had a lot in common. It's always great to meet other young people with similar interests.

The Chens left for San Francisco to look at apartments for Michael. We then took George and Eileen to the nearby Redwood Grove for a hike. The five of us also went to a Chinese art exhibition in Santa Clara. There was lots of food at the event. Back at home, I studied Android programming while my parents dropped the Tangs off at the BART station in Millbrae.

Today was uneventful as I mostly listened to online lectures. That said, my parents and I went hiking on the Stevens Creek Trail as well as stopped at Baskin-Robbins to redeem my birthday reward. It was only a small scoop of ice cream, but freebies are always nice. On the whole, the weekend was perfect. Be sure to check out my new pictures.

Currently watching: Star Trek: The Original Series - "The Ultimate Computer"

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