Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A super September

So there was recently a RuneScape event called Super September. Though I haven't played the game much lately due to real life, last month was pretty awesome.

You may remember that we hosted a welcome dinner for our new neighbors during the Labor Day long weekend. The Wilson family returned the favor by having us over for dinner on the 21st. Their older daughter Julia made most of the food, all of which was delicious. Later in the evening, the Wilsons lit floating candles on their pool to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. That was a nice touch. I've posted some pictures from the gathering.

The following day was Fennah's reading club at Carol's house. It was just me and Mom this time as Dad was busy with work and couldn't attend. The two of us didn't stay long but still got to enjoy good food.

I had to work overtime again on the 28th. On the bright side, the company again bought us lunch. The rest of the day was uneventful, although I watched two episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series on Amazon Instant Video in the afternoon.

Dad took us to Half Moon Bay on Sunday morning. Because it was already noon, my family had lunch at Sushi Main Street before exploring the downtown. Our stops included two pumpkin farms; they were a little crowded, probably because Halloween is coming up. The plan was to go hiking afterwards, but we decided to head home as Mom was feeling tired. On the whole, the day trip was lots of fun. You can go here for the pictures.

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