Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Time flies unbelievably fast. It was 10 years ago when we welcomed the year 2000 with the Liangs. I remember checking my ASUS P6300 to make sure the Y2K bug didn't brick my laptop. Has it really been a whole decade?

Speaking of which, 2010 sounds so futuristic. I'm surprised we don't have force fields, anti-gravity drives or plasma guns!

New Year's Eve report

I'm currently in Chicago, and this was our first time celebrating the new year out of town. The reason for the trip is to see our relatives and visit some universities. Following a busy day with my uncle Peter, Dad invited his extended family to dinner at the Lee Wing Wah Restaurant for New Year's Eve. The plan was to explore Chinatown during the free time, but the freezing weather quickly changed our minds. So the four of us headed straight to the restaurant to wait for the others.

There was so much food that I was completely full by the end of the meal. Just as we were getting ready to leave, my parents noticed that Aunt Sue had secretly picked up the tab. That made us feel guilty as the dinner was supposed to be our treat. *blush*

All of us then went to my uncle Da-Wei's house in Darien. I got to play Ninja Gaiden II on the Xbox 360 and hang out with my cousins Eric and William - things I wanted to do on our last visit but didn't get the chance to. Everyone then gathered to watch the countdown to the new year as midnight approached. This was definitely a highlight of our trip.

The only downside is that we had to leave shortly afterwards as we have to catch a flight to New York City in a few hours. I'm actually a little sad about leaving Chicago so soon.

2009 in review

It seems 2009 wasn't a good year. The economic recession definitely affected all of us. The fact that Dad took a pay cut in January didn't help the issue. Last year also saw the passing of Michael Jackson, one of my favorite celebrities. On a more personal note, I lost my uncle Harrison in April and grandfather Ching-Shang in September.

But the past year had its merits. The best part of 2009 was when I got a 200 mW green laser for free. That was a dream come true as I've always wanted a high-powered handheld laser. However, the most important thing was finishing college last summer. Graduating from Berkeley was no easy job!

I'm extremely excited about what the future has to offer. To that end, my New Year's resolutions for 2010 are to do well in graduate school and improve my patience. All that having been said, I should probably get going as we have to get up around 6 a.m. I'll post a full trip report when we get home. In the meantime, click here to see what we ate. I was preoccupied with Ninja Gaiden II and forgot to take pictures at Da-Wei's house. Oh well. *facepalm*

Update: The complete trip report has been posted.

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