Friday, October 9, 2009

birthday bash!

I'm turning 24 tomorrow. However, our new refrigerator is arriving the same day and will likely take a while to set up. Therefore, my family decided to do an early celebration!

Although I generally don't have birthday parties anymore, Mom invited the Chus and the Liangs over for lunch. The reason is that Wen-Ko and I share a birthday on the 10th as do Carol and Dad on the 16th. So we're really celebrating four birthdays at once!

Wen-Ko brought a delicious green tea cake from Sogo Bakery for the occasion. Here is a picture for those interested. She is definitely one of our more generous friends. But considering that it's her birthday too, I couldn't help but feel guilty about her buying the cake. Haha.

The gathering was overall quite enjoyable. The only downside is that there were no other young people. Emily had to work while Stacey was at school. Of course, that's not a problem because I'm sure our families will get together again. :-)

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