Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lobster Feed report

The Lobster Feed absolutely rocked. It was an epic birthday celebration!

I was hiking in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park with my parents last weekend when a banner at the entrance caught our eye. Given that the park is one of our favorite weekend destinations, my father went to buy tickets right away. The fact that the event was on my 24th birthday was a deciding factor. :-)

Dad also invited his cousin Susan and her husband Tony to come along after finding out they were visiting from China. Our party had some tea before starting out as the Lobster Feed was in the evening. We then took the couple to Santana Row in San Jose so they could see what it was like.

It was still early when we arrived at the venue for the event. However, there was a problem: Dad didn't know Tony and Susan were coming and had only bought three tickets. It looked like two of us would have to miss out. But luck was on our side: my parents were about to give up their spots when a volunteer found two more tickets at the last minute - and only because two people didn't show up. That was a close call.

There was some free time, during which we went for a hike. The timing couldn't have been better: all of us got back to the picnic area just as the feast started. Had we returned a few minutes later, the lines would have been much longer.

At any rate, the lobsters were delicious. I was surprised at how fresh they tasted, considering that they were shipped from Maine. Though we enjoyed the meal, the food selection was limited. Aside from the corn, garlic bread and salad, there wasn't much else except ice cream and cookies for dessert.

A local band called Highway One played bluegrass after dinner. Some people got up to dance; there was an Irish couple who knew how to bust a move. Dad also asked the band to give me a birthday shout-out, to which they obliged. That made me blush. ^_^

I also couldn't resist the opportunity to show off my new 200 mW green laser. The steam from the pots made the beam highly visible. People definitely thought it was cool.

The Lobster Feed was overall awesome. Besides the small selection of food, the only downside is that the music was limited to bluegrass. Don't get me wrong - bluegrass is one of our favorite genres - but too much of the same stuff makes it repetitive. Other than that, I don't have any complaints.

While the tickets were $50 each, the important thing is that the profits go towards the park through the Mountain Parks Foundation. It's certainly nice to eat good food for a good cause. All of us were more than happy to give back to the place we love so much. I've posted some pictures from the event.

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