Saturday, October 4, 2008

an early birthday celebration

The weekend is off to a great start as my parents took me to dinner for my 23rd birthday at Olive Garden. I don't actually turn 23 until the 10th; the reason for the early celebration is that Dad will be out of town then.

This was our first time eating at Olive Garden in ages and definitely quite refreshing. I had originally picked Red Lobster, but many of the locations were closed and the nearest one was around 20 miles away in San Jose. Olive Garden wasn't a bad decision as the food was absolutely delicious.

At any rate, I should probably get back to studying as I have a statistics midterm on the 7th. Wish me luck!

In other news...

The CAA had its Dance & Casino Night two days ago. You can read my review of the event here.

Currently listening to: "Omoide wa Okkusenman!"

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