Saturday, October 18, 2008

pictures from Anne's wedding, part 2

I mentioned back in July that my cousin Anne was going to send me pictures from her wedding in Taiwan. The DVD arrived last night and has over 700 high-quality photos. You can view some of them at Flickr. Given that it would take an impractically long time to upload all of pictures, I've posted only the more interesting ones. You're not missing much as most of them are very similar anyway.

In other news...

We had a late birthday dinner for Dad at a Chinese restaurant last night. The reason for the late celebration is that he was busy trying to get rid of a virus on Mom's laptop. Don't these malware writers have anything better to do?

The virus has proven to be so hard to remove that we've taken the computer to my uncle Dong. We're hoping he can fix it for us as he's really good with computers. *fingers crossed*

October 19 update: Dong got rid of the virus. Phew!

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