Monday, August 7, 2017

a final farewell to Eileen

You may remember that our family friend Eileen recently passed away a few days ago. Today was the celebration of her life.

Only my parents attended the viewing because I was at work and they didn't want it to impact me too much. Dad then picked me up at the BART station near my office before we met up with the other people at Eileen's house. It was pretty crowded as many of Eileen's family members were there.

This was followed by dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There was lots of food, but I didn't east much because I was admittedly feeling a bit emotional. On the other hand, I got to meet many of Eileen's relatives. Though it was nice to get acquainted with them, this definitely wasn't the situation in which I wanted that to happen. The plan was to back to Eileen's house afterwards, but we decided to head home because everyone was getting tired.

It's a little sad to realized that one of our closest family friends is gone. I'm going to miss Eileen for sure. :-(

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