Wednesday, August 2, 2017

R.I.P. Eileen :-(

I'm saddened to learn that our family friend Eileen Tang passed away this morning. Eileen was one of the kindest people that we were blessed to have known. She always saved presents for me whenever we visited her. Even though she was over a generation older than me, I had always considered her a true friend.

My favorite memory of her was when we went to Pacifica on Mother's Day two years ago. I treated my parents and the Tangs to lunch at a Peruvian restaurant before we went on a stroll on the beach. All of us then headed to a nearby park and relaxed for a while. That was certainly a wonderful experience. It's sad to realize that something like this will never happen again. :-(

Our biggest concern right now is the well-being of her husband George. I definitely hope that we can visit him in the next few weeks after giving him time to grieve. In the meantime, please send positive thoughts to the Tang family.

Rest in peace, and may we meet again, Eileen.

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