Sunday, January 24, 2016

another amazing Lab126 party

So this is my 300th post. There's no better way to use it than to tell you about the awesome party I just got back from!

As you've probably noticed, Lab126 puts on an amazing post-holiday celebration every January. This year's event took place at Club Auto Sport in San Jose and was just as awesome as the previous ones. Club Auto Sport is kind of like an automotive museum with lots of high-end cars, so it's definitely great for gearheads.

Like at our previous events, there were lots of food and desserts. I would definitely have eaten more had I not gotten full so quickly. There was also a dance floor as usual, and especially many people got up to dance this time. The DJs were the same guys that played at Levi's Stadium last year, and they certainly did not disappoint.

One thing I've noticed is that dances aren't very common once you're out of school. This was definitely my favorite Lab126 post-holiday event to date; I don't think I've been to a dance this fun since college. :-)

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