Monday, January 4, 2016

an amazing but busy holiday

This Christmas break was one of the best ever - even though it was stressful at times and that my family didn't go anywhere.

As we had already gone on three vacations last summer, the three of us decided to stay home and take a break from traveling. However, that doesn't mean the break wasn't fun. For starters, my parents and I got to eat at several different restaurants. Out of the restaurants we visited, Portobello Grill in Redwood City was my favorite, although the other ones also pretty nice. We also watched several movies as well as went shopping quite a few times.

New Year's Eve was somewhat eventful as we didn't have a party this year, nor did anyone invite us to theirs. On the other hand, the following day wasn't too bad as we went to the New Year's Day Fun Run in downtown Los Altos. This was our first time participating in this event, and not only was it lots of fun, but it was also a great workout. We then visited the Tangs on January 2nd.

The rest of the break was somewhat stressful as I had lots of assignments for two online courses. Considering that we decided not to go on any vacations this time, my parents figured this would be a good time to gain new knowledge. Other than that, I got to play lots of RuneScape in my free time, in which case I got over six million total XP over the course of two weeks. I'd say that's pretty impressive. :-)

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