Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

So another year has passed. It's hard to believe 2014 is over. If Back to the Future is anywhere near accurate, then we should see flying cars and hover boards soon. ^_^

Party report

The nice thing is that we invited three other families over for dinner. This was our first real New Year's Eve party in seven years. Mom made lots of delicious food as usual while our family friend Mei also brought some. Casey and I later watched Divergent after the Times Square countdown. On the whole, the party was lots of fun. Feel free to check out my pictures.

However, nobody stayed until midnight this time. CY and Grace live far away in Almaden and were the first to leave. Henry and Sophie soon followed as we're getting up early for an annual New Year's Day hike in San Francisco. The Lees didn't want to disturb our sleep and declined our invitation to watch the West Coast countdown. I truly appreciate the consideration but also wish they had stayed another 15 minutes. At least we'll be seeing the Changs again tomorrow in a few hours. :-)

2014 in review

I'd say 2014 was one of the better years. For starters, there were many gatherings in the past few months. Our team at Amazon Lab126 released two major products, the Fire TV in April and the Fire TV Stick in October. The highlight of 2014 was my cousin Connie's wedding in Pasadena, although the film club field trip and my 10-year high school reunion come close. The only downside is that work was stressful at times, but that happens to everyone.

For those curious, my New Year's resolution for 2015 is to improve my PHP skills. I'm also hoping to get level 99 Runecrafting in RuneScape by the end of the year. Rock on!

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