Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day long weekend report + an incredible summer

I had an awesome Labor Day weekend, starting with a party Saturday night. As our new friend Sheila had recently treated us to dinner, my parents figured this would be the perfect opportunity to return the favor. Having greatly enjoyed Howard's company three weeks ago, they invited his family over as well. The gathering was lots of fun, especially with all the good food. I've posted a few pictures here.

Sunday was relatively uneventful as I mostly listened to online lectures; there wasn't much else to do besides play RuneScape and Angry Birds Epic during breaks. However, Labor Day itself wasn't too bad as we went hiking near Woodside. The plan was to go to Half Moon Bay afterwards, but the heat made us change our minds. On the other hand, I watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the Amazon Fire TV in the evening. The action was intense!

Summer in review

The rest of summer also rocked. July began with a visit from my aunts Jill and Yu-Hua. Figuring that we had to do something special, Dad took all of us to Reno and Tahoe just after they arrived. The five of us then went to Pasadena for Connie's wedding two weeks later. Seeing my cousin get married to the love of her life was by far the highlight of the summer.

August began with the annual Lab126 family picnic on the 9th before Sheila had us over for dinner later that evening. We then went on a field trip to San Francisco with Henry's film club on the 17th. I also went to my 10-year high school reunion on the 23rd. Last but not least, summer ended with this long weekend. Just because I had to work didn't mean we didn't have fun!

In other news...

I recently joined the World Financial Group's money management program at the recommendation of Min, my former supervisor at Cisco. The classes cover topics related to personal finance and are no doubt pretty useful.

Currently watching: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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