Sunday, December 4, 2005

report of Friday's dance

"If you want to slow dance, you can do it in your room upstairs." -- the DJ

So there was a dance at Bowles called the Black & White Affair. It was kind of close to the finals, but what the hell. The event was all right but wasn't extraordinary by any means either. Here is my review of it if you're interested.

One thing I've noticed is that college students don't seem to like slow songs very much. Case in point, the crowd booed when the DJ decided to play one. The dance ended up not having any slow songs at all. While I believe the DJ should play what people want to hear, slowing down the music once in a while isn't going to hurt. After all, there are already plenty of fast tunes!

Some people did complain about the lack of slow songs as the dance ended, to which the DJ joked that they could slow dance in their dorm rooms. I'll have to admit that it gave me a good laugh, although it probably sucks for those who wanted to dance with that special someone. I guess people shouldn't have gotten so upset when the DJ tried to play a slow song. :-)

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