Friday, September 24, 2010

last day of graduate classes + farewell party

Yesterday was the last class at St. Mary's College of California. In other words, I'm done with graduate school!

Our class was supposed to take the FAIM 610 final on Tuesday and the FAIM 609 one on Thursday as per the original schedule. But because FAIM 609 was a tough course, everyone wanted to get that out of the way first. The professors were more than happy to accommodate our request. The other exam was indeed much easier, meaning Prof. Knapp really wanted us to pass.

The nice thing is that there was a party after the FAIM 610 final. From what I heard, the previous cohorts got a fancy dinner. However, there were only sandwiches and drinks - and they quickly ran out. Damn economic recession. On the other hand, the other classes were invited to join us. Katie even brought her roommate Anna to crash the party. The more the merrier!

Speaking of which, Anna kept hitting on me and Anthony the whole time. She was very sociable; talking to her was one of the highlights of the evening. The girls invited me to hang out at their apartment afterwards. Though that sounded fun, I declined as it was well past midnight.

On the whole, the party was a great way to end the program. I'm definitely looking forward to graduation. In the meantime, be sure to check out my pictures from last night here.

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