Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day party report

Today wasn't too bad as we had some family friends over. You may recall that our New Year's Eve party was canceled due to the lack of guests. However, Mom felt we should have a gathering after all and invited the Liangs, Chus and Guans over for dinner. :-)

A cool thing is that Fennah happens to be a travel editor for a well-known Chinese newspaper. As someone who loves to travel, I enjoyed hearing about the places she's visited. That's my dream job for sure. ^_^

Also worth mentioning is that Fennah gave me a box of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory truffles. I've always wanted to try their confections but could never bring myself to buy them. It's definitely nice to have generous friends. Thanks, Fennah!

The downside is that Emily and Stacey had other plans and didn't come. This was a little disappointing as there wasn't anybody else my age. On the other hand, my aunt Cynthia and cousins Connie and Cathy are coming over tomorrow to learn how to make bread and will be staying for lunch. I can't wait to see them again!

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