Tuesday, January 22, 2008

back in action at Berkeley

I just moved back to Berkeley tonight. For those wondering, I'm taking Engineering 28, IEOR 131 and IEOR 165 this semester.

The break in review

The holiday season had to be one of the best ever. For one thing, I did particularly well last fall; my grades were all in the "B" range. Considering that nothing at Berkeley is a breeze, all that studying must have paid off. The break itself had a good start as my family went on a three-day trip to Oregon just after the semester ended. The vacation was kind of short but lots of fun.

I borrowed a bunch of movies from the local library right after Christmas. Hellboy was hilarious and had lots of great action. Serenity and War of the Worlds weren't too bad either. United 93 was pretty good as well despite the limited budget. I also saw Escape from New York and Phone Booth during that weekend. The DVD for Blade: Trinity was damaged, but this wasn't a big deal as the library has other copies.

One of Dad's professors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was visiting with his family and their son's fiancée. Therefore, my parents invited all of them to dinner at By-Th'-Bucket Bar & Grill on the 28th. This was followed by an awesome party for New Year's Eve. The gathering was undoubtedly a great end to a great year.

Just as 2007 ended with a bang, 2008 started with one. We went to Carol's winter party on the 5th before leaving for Las Vegas the next morning. Dad's boss Kah Yee's son Jonathan then stayed a night at our house on the 12th during his visit from Singapore. I then got my driver's license two days later. W00t!

Aside from preparing for my classes, I visited the library another three times and got several more movies. Superman Returns was my favorite, but Firewall and the remakes of Assault on Precinct 13 and King Kong were great too. 28 Weeks Later was all right, although the first movie was better. I also saw The Chronicles of Riddick and Rules of Engagement before the break ended. It was a busy holiday season for sure.

All that having been said, I should probably get back to studying. Peace, y'all.

Currently watching: Superman Returns

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