Sunday, February 3, 2008

an early Chinese New Year celebration

The fact that Lunar New Year is on a weekday means I'll be at school. On the other hand, our family friend Mei invited us over for dinner last night. :-)

It was a lively gathering as the Lees had some other friends over as well. The best part is that I got to watch parts of Fantastic Four with Eddie. All of the food was delicious too. I don't think I've ever enjoyed Chinese New Year this much.

Dad wasn't feeling well and decided to stay home, but Mom and I made sure to save some food for him. Speaking of which, you can head on over to the Lee family's website to see a video of what we ate. Please note that I'm not responsible for any drool on your keyboard. ^_^

It's a bit unfortunate that I have to go back to Berkeley tonight, but at least Presidents Day is coming up in two weeks. W00t!

Currently watching: Fantastic Four

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