Monday, January 14, 2008

I got my driver's license!

I took the road test at the Redwood City DMV this morning. The exam was about 20 minutes long; I was extremely nervous the whole time but managed to pass on the first attempt. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of my parents; I definitely owe them a lot.

Considering that I'm 21 years old, this was long overdue. Better late than never, I suppose. One thing for sure is that I can already check off one of my New Year's resolutions. :-)

The exam didn't go without a hitch. For one thing, the 1998 BMW 528e suddenly died in the middle of an intersection. Given the car's age, this wasn't completely unexpected but still scared the hell out of me. I was fortunately able to turn on the warning lights and restart the engine. As far as I could tell, the examiner didn't deduct any points for it.

The other thing is that I took a wrong turn near the end of the test. Though I wasn't supposed to stop at the DMV office, I was so excited that I thought the test was over and turned into the parking lot. The examiner got a little mad but still let me pass, much to my surprise and relief. This was certainly one of those "D'oh!" moments. I'm glad I didn't have to do the whole test over.

You might wonder why I got my license so late. The reason is that I don't commute often and never really felt the need to drive. However, my parents had always encouraged me to get my license; after all, they shouldn't have to do all the work when we go on road trips!

All that having been said, I'll do my best to be safe. I won't run over any grandmas, I promise. :-)

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