Sunday, August 26, 2007

back to Berkeley for my senior year

I just finished moving back to Berkeley with the help of my parents. Unlike our previous move-in days, this one didn't go without a hitch.

Dad was afraid there wouldn't be enough room in my dorm for my laptop and decided to bring an extra table from home. The table was too big to fit inside the car and had to be tied to the roof. Being a little worried it would become loose, my father stopped a total of five times along the way to make sure it was secure. Perhaps we were paranoid, but it never hurts to be careful.

We arrived at Unit 4 to find the main gates locked. The staff apparently weren't doing their job. Dad had a busy schedule and was understandably annoyed. Luckily for us, someone saw us a few minutes later and let us in.

It's hard to believe I'm already a senior in college. While I wish my break was just a bit longer, I'm also excited to meet new people. I look forward to all the wonderful things in store.

Currently listening to: "A Beautiful Day" (Nordic Beatz remix) by DJ Splash

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