Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day weekend report: Napa County day trip and more

I went to Napa County with my parents during the Memorial Day long weekend. It was definitely pretty fun.


The day began with a drive to St. Helena. The plan was to go there with the Tangs, but they sadly couldn't join us due to Eileen not feeling well. We stopped at their house in El Cerrito anyway as my mother really wanted to see them.

One reason for the trip was to visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The adjacent vineyard was the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. The museum was small but had many exhibits dedicated to the author. I admittedly had no idea Stevenson wrote so many books. The admission was free, although we made a donation.

Downtown St. Helena awaited us later in the afternoon. The restaurants and snack shops immediately caught my attention. It's too bad everything was so expensive. There was some free time, during which we went to three nearby wineries. This was pretty fun even though we had visited them on our trip to Napa and Carson City several years ago.

The next stop was WinCo Foods in Fairfield for groceries. WinCo has always been one of my favorite places to shop. The last stop on the way home was a Thai restaurant in Fremont for dinner. The food was spicy as hell but otherwise delicious.

Our original itinerary included Bodega Bay as well, but the overhead was too high. However, that's not a problem as we're still planning to go there in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to check out my pictures from the day trip.

Sunday and Monday

Having done so much, the three of us decided to relax at home for the rest of the weekend. I spent most of Sunday studying PHP programming but did find time to play RuneScape during breaks.

Monday was mostly uneventful. Our plan was to watch the Danish film The Hunt for Henry's film club, but the DVD turned out to be damaged. I listened to online lectures instead but later completed a few quests and the medium Arduogne tasks in RuneScape during my free time. So yeah, the long weekend was nice.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Napa County day trip experience! I have also been there. It’s a great place. One of my friends hosted holiday party last year at this venue. It was the most amazing outdoor party I have ever attended.