Thursday, April 7, 2011

RuneScape account hacked again :-(

I had trouble logging into RuneScape today and decided to reset my password. It turned out someone else had accessed my main account. The person must have guessed the answers to my security questions because a virus scan turned up nothing.

The good news is that my bank PIN did its job. This was a close call because the PIN was just seven hours from being deleted. However, the hacker wiped my friends list as well. Re-adding everyone will be a pain in the ass. >:(

A search on some RuneScape cheat sites didn't turn up anything. Back when I first got hacked eight years ago, I was somewhat famous at the time due to being the 36th person to get 99 cooking. But seeing that 99's are so common these days, there were likely other factors.

Speaking of which, I'm one of the first 2,000 players to sign up as well as a former player moderator. From what I've heard, these accounts are often targeted. Of note is that my AIM account was also recently hacked, although I have no idea if the incidents are related. I should probably be more careful.

In other news...

1. There is an upcoming five-day furlough at Cisco, but my supervisor said I still have to work due to being on the core team. So that means no spring break for me. On the other hand, being exempt from a furlough is usually a good sign. :-)

2. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my family was getting rid of our swimming pool. The demolition has been completed and can been seen here. To be honest, I'm a little sad as the pool was a part of my childhood. Oh well, that's life.

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