Friday, August 20, 2010

car burglars FTL

I've got more bad news: someone apparently broke into our SUV and made off with three pairs of prescription glasses. They were worth over $1,000 in total. :-(

So we were in San Francisco on Wednesday evening for a make-up class. The next morning, Dad couldn't find his sunglasses. At first we thought he merely misplaced them - until we noticed that two other pairs of glasses were gone as well. There were also signs that someone had rummaged through our belongings. On the bright side, they didn't take anything else. Thank heaven for small favors.

I'm not sure how those crooks got inside, but my guess is that the doors were left unlocked. In any case, I've reported the incident to the San Francisco Police Department and they catch the culprits soon. Fuck car burglars. >:(

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