Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hail to the Chief!

Something incredible happened last night. I was at the San Francisco Mariott Marquis for FAIM 607 when a bunch of Secret Service agents started showing up. While we knew Obama was also in San Francisco, nobody expected him to be in the same hotel!

Although the President's location is normally kept secret, the presence of all those cops and Secret Service personnel kind of gave it away. Some people gathered in the lobby to try to catch a glimpse of Obama. The presidential state car ended up not going past the main entrance, but it was still really cool to be in the same building as the President of the United States.

Class actually ended early as a result. Security wouldn't let anyone back into the hotel except for registered guests. The professor couldn't get back in and canceled the class instead. Due to the road closures, my parents and I were stuck in San Francisco for about an hour. But at least I have an amazing story to share. :-)

In other news...

Mom invited a bunch of her friends over today for a potluck lunch. Go here for the pictures!

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