Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday report

Yesterday was pretty amazing. To start off, my parents and I went hunting for bargains right after getting out of bed. Given that Black Friday items are usually on a first-come, first-served basis, the only way to have a chance of getting them is to arrive as early as possible. Though it was barely 6 a.m. when we left our house, the stores were already filled with shoppers.

Our first stop was Macy's at Stanford Shopping Center. Seeing that the lines weren't too long, my mother bought a stand mixer and miniature oven. The other stop was Fry's Electronics, although there wasn't anything we needed.

Party report

The highlight of the day was the party at Carol's house. Her family throws a big party on Black Friday every year and decided to have us over this time. Considering that we didn't have our own gathering, I'm grateful that the Liangs invited us to theirs.

Everyone brought lots of food as this was a potluck dinner. Mom's homemade mashed potatoes were a favorite among the kids. I counted at least 20 dishes, not to mention desserts. There was so much stuff that I didn't get to try everything!

Around 30 guests showed up, including lots of Emily's and Stacey's friends. Our younger generation played Taboo after dinner. This was undoubtedly the best part of the evening. I hope it won't be long before the Liangs have another get-together like this one. You could tell I'm a party animal. ^_^

There was a boy named Raymond who seemed bored, probably because he had nobody to play with. I decided to be cool and let him play SNES games on my laptop using an emulator while I hung out with the other millennials. Speaking of which, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars looked so much fun. I really need to try it out myself.

On the whole, the evening couldn't have been better. You can see my pictures from the party on Flickr. Another guest, Clif, has also posted pictures online; those can be viewed at his Picasa album.

Currently playing: Tetris Attack

Historical note: Clif's photos are no longer available due to Picasa shutting down. I'll update this post if I find a mirror.

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