Sunday, October 28, 2007

on college dances and class IIIb lasers, part deux

I just got back from the Monster Bash a few hours ago. The residential staff joined forces with Cal Dining in organizing this dance. It was much better than the Dance & Casino Night on the 11th. You can can read my review of the Monster Bash here.

Of course, I just had to show off my laser again. The cool thing is that there was a fog machine. I was able to create the liquid sky effect by waving the laser around. That looked pretty awesome, although it was nothing like a real laser show. While there were also some black balloons, the laser only made one of them slowly deflate. Oh well.

The thing about being a laser enthusiast is that you can never have enough power. I've wanted a laser that could burn ever since receiving my Core in June. But now that I have this 35+ mW laser, I'm really hoping to get a 100+ mW one in the future. Talk about being spoiled. :P

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