Tuesday, June 5, 2007

an exciting summer

So we just got back from a short but fun-filled trip to Ukiah over the weekend. Yet the summer has only just begun.

To start off, my mother and I are leaving for Taiwan and China on the 12th. Though Dad will be in Asia as well, his itinerary is largely different from ours due to business reasons. However, that's not a problem because we'll still spend time together. In any case, I'm greatly looking forward to the trip.

The original plan was to go to Yellowstone National Park and the Upper Midwest, but we couldn't book any flights to Rapid City with our miles. This is the perfect opportunity to visit Taiwan anyway as we hadn't been there in over seven years. Having said that, my family still plans to visit the Upper Midwest next year. :-)

I'll have to take English N132 at Berkeley later in June. English isn't my favorite subject, and the fact that this is an upper-division course certainly adds to the challenge. On the bright side, English N132 is the last class I need for my humanities requirement.

Last but not least, my father has plans for another trip before the end of August. All in all, summer should be exciting.

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