Monday, November 14, 2005

Veterans Day weekend report

The midterms are finally over. It was great to get some rest over the long weekend!

Speaking of which, I slept in on Friday and didn't get up almost 1:30 p.m. That was incredibly satisfying. Even though I got up very late, my family still went hiking in Stevens Creek County Park after a quick bite.

Having had lots of rest, I didn't get up too late on Saturday morning. Therefore, my parents and I took a stroll to the Starbucks in downtown Mountain View for coffee and snacks. The three of us also checked out the nearby mineral shop; this reminded me of our family vacations as mineral shops are quite common in tourist areas.

The highlight of the weekend is that our family friend Mei invited us to her house for dinner in the evening. It wasn't just us as the Lees had several other people over. All of the kids loved playing The Incredible Machine 3 on my laptop.

The Veterans Day weekend was overall quite enjoyable. Oh yeah, and there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving. :-)

Currently playing: The Incredible Machine 3

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