Monday, October 10, 2005

officially 20 years old today

I'm now officially 20 years old. The 631 million seconds that have passed since I signed up for that MMORPG called Outside have gone by really fast. I can hardly believe I'm no longer a teenager!

To commemorate the occasion, here are three interesting facts about my childhood:

  1. I once did something bad while watching cartoons with my mother. She got mad and turned the TV off. Three-year-old me then followed the cables and looked into the electrical outlet, thinking that was where the images came from.
  2. I used to think nighttime was caused by clouds.
  3. Some of my elementary school teachers often joked about having special powers, such as telekinesis and the ability to teleport objects to other planets. I actually believed them. Go figure.

So yeah... happy birthday to me and everyone else born on October 10. :-)

Currently listening to: J. S. Bach - Selected Preludes and Fugues for the Piano

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