Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lab126 family picnic report

So today was the annual Lab126 family picnic. The event again took place at Saratoga Springs and was just as fun as the one last August. The Panns also came this time, and our families had a great time talking. Another thing I noticed is that the ice cream stand wasn't closed after two hours, unlike last time. It looks like the complaints from last year didn't fall on deaf years. :-)

One thing I noticed is that there were fewer people this year. Aside from the Panns and a woman from the floor above mine, I didn't recognize anyone else at the meeting. I guess most just aren't interested in these events. On the other hand, one cool feature this year was the miniature animal exhibit. I got to see an armadillo in person for the first time ever. That was really neat for sure.

However, there was a little mishap: we were about 10 miles from our house when I realized I had forgotten to bring my badge. That meant we had to spend almost half an hour driving back to retrieve it. Suffice to say, Dad wasn't exactly pleased. Oops!

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