Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day weekend report

So this is my first post here in ages. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Speaking of which, mine was pretty awesome. As it can be hard to get restaurant reservations for Mother's Day itself, my family decided to do an early celebration the day before. To start off, I treated my parents to lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Los Altos. Although we had been there several times, the food has never disappointed.

The three of us also went to Peruvian restaurant in San Mateo for dinner we didn't Mom to have to do any cooking. The food at Andes Café was pretty good when we had lunch there with the Tangs last year. Although one of the dishes and the dessert were the same as what we ordered last time, they actually tasted better than during our last visit. This is actually the first time that I treated my parents to a meal twice on the same day!

I also had some assignments for online courses to catch up on. One of them was fairly long, but I managed to finish it by Sunday evening. It's nice to be able to have an extra day to relax!

The weather was quite nice on Saturday morning, during which we went for a stroll in the neighborhood. Dad wanted to try some new routes, and we ended up walking for almost two hours. The rest of the day was kind of busy as I spend a few hours backing up my files, something I had not done in several months. I also took the opportunity to get a head start on my online classes for next week. Other than that, I did get to play a bit of RuneScape in the evening. As you can see, this was a productive weekend!

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