Friday, October 10, 2014

my last year as a twenty-something

Happy 29th birthday to me!

It's hard to believe I'll be three decades old next year. Holy crap. Time goes way too fast these days.

Having gotten up a little earlier than usual, I helped my father plant a jujube tree in the morning. Dad says there was no better time add the tree to our backyard. The container was heavier than expected, but we eventually managed to get the job done. Although jujube trees are uncommon in North America, the climate here should support them.

The nice thing is that Nob Hill Foods gave me a free six-pack of cupcakes. I then bought six more so there would be enough to share with my co-workers. It was great to have people tell me how good the cupcakes were.

We also invited Sheila, Jeff and the Changs over for dinner. This wasn't actually a birthday party per se - seeing that Shiela and her partner have shown an interest in joining Henry's film club, Mom felt this would be an excellent way for the two couples to get acquainted. There were lots of delicious food, and the gathering was overall lots of fun. Things couldn't have worked out better.

I should probably head to bed as I have a money management class tomorrow morning. That said, I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be just as awesome. :-)

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